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Security Management System

 Software: Online Access Control 

For security applications requiring real-time transaction reporting and alarm-monitoring, use SMS with hardwired and/or real-time wireless devices at the door.  This allows incoming transactions to be delivered as they occur, including important alarms that need to be addressed immediately.  Going with an online system also allows the administrator(s) to assign and revoke access privileges immediately.


 Software: Online & Offline (Standalone) Access Control 

If your security needs are mixed where you require a combination of online and offline devices, SMS is your go-to software solution. Perhaps only some doors in your facility require real-time status. You may have certain areas, like storage closets, with little traffic or doors in remote locations where wiring is difficult. SMS can support both online and offline (standalone) doors concurrently.

 Software: Offline-Only (Standalone) Access Control 

For security systems that do not require real-time status or reporting, offline-only (standalone) support may be what you need.   Standalone systems require that access privileges and audits be performed by visiting each door location and transferring the data to/from a hand-held device, or having the data transferred to lock via credential (especially popular in the university market).

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