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Security Management System

 VSRC Smart/Single Reader Controller 

Networkable reader controller board combines the capabilities of a controller and reader interface into a single board. The VSRC communicates with the Security Management System software via TCP/IP protocol and can be connected to a variety of different read head technologies and electronic locking devices.

 VRCNX-M Reader Controller 

The VRCNX-M Reader Controller Board incorporates additional memory and input/output capabilities onto a single back board for easy installation. The back board includes a VSRC-M Smart Reader Controller and expansion capabilities for two optional VIONX-8 input/output boards. Supports up to (16) devices.

 VRINX Reader Interface 

The VRINX Reader Interface offers a cost effective, modular approach to access control system design in all environments. Vanderbilt reader interfaces communicate directly to the reader controller and are capable of running in degraded mode, allowing for local decision-making if necessary.

 VIONX-8 Input/Output Reader 

Input/Output Expansion Board provides (8) contact inputs and (8) SP/DT relay outputs.  The VIONX-8 communicates directly to Vanderbilt reader controller boards. Supports universal triggers, allowing flexibility with input and output association.  VIONX-8 integrates alarm control and/or elevator floor control.

 VURI Universal Reader Interface 

The Vanderbilt Industries Universal Reader Interface is designed for sharing one reader on up to three different access control systems. The VURI can work with multiple reader technologies and is perfect for multi-tenant buildings with multiple access control systems utilizing turnstiles and elevators, for example.

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