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Security Management System


We offer a range of printers to meet your badge production demands. Customers with small to mid-size facilites may choose our simple, single-sided badge printer, while those with a large employee base may opt for a printer that can handle higher throughput and faster printing speeds. Vanderbilt Industries is your resource for single or dual sided printers, encoders and laminators.

 Photo ID Badging 

Let Vanderbilt Industries provide you with the tools for the Photo ID capture process. Our live camera can be used in for capturing photos using our SMS badging application. If your needs include remote photo capture, we offer a digital cameras for taking pictures and importing them into your SMS system when convenient. Use our electronic signature pad to capture employee signatures either for display on badges or just to keep on record in the cardholder database. And, finally, to really make the badging process easy, use our SMS enrollment reader to facilitate enrollment of online or offline credentials into the system. This single enrollment unit supports proximity, smart, iButton and magnetic stripe technologies.

 Visitor Management 

The SMS Guest Pass application can be customized to meet your visitor management policies. You decide whether you would like to capture visitor information via keyboard entry or license scanner. Do you want to include a photo with the visitor’s record? Use our USB camera which integrates to our Guest Pass software. You may wish to print paper badges, or provide live access cards to your visitors. And perhaps you would like to allow department managers to enter their expected guests into the Guest Pass queue themselves – Vanderbilt Industries has what it takes to make the visitor management process as smooth and efficient as possible.

 Custom Access Control Enclosure 

Our SMS custom enclosures are perfect for large installations – they come pre-wired and pre-tested with clearly marked components, snap on connectors, and labeled landing connectors for field wiring. Allowing for consistent installations, our Vanderbilt enclosures make service and maintenance easy.

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