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Product Overview


Vanderbilt Industries systems are easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain, flexible and expandable to meet both short and long-term goals when it comes to security your facility.

Whether you require a smaller web-based access control system like lite bluebright blue or a more sophisticated, scalable enterprise system like SMS, Vanderbilt Industries can provide an affordable and effective solution to your security issues.  And if you are looking for integrated video we’ve got that too!

The thousands of our systems installed throughout the world provide continuing testament to the functional effectiveness and dependability of Vanderbilt Industries’ systems.

Vanderbilt Industries is your resource for access control software, hardware and video management solutions, as well as associated components like card readers, credentials and system accessories.

We’ve got you covered.    

lite blue: 2-8 Door Web-Based Access Control System

Introducing lite blue, a 2-8 door web-based access control system designed for easy expansion as your needs change.   lite blue boasts the same intuitive software as our bright blue Intelligent Access Management System and includes on-board support for 2 readers. Supports up to 8 devices total; can be easily upgraded to a full 32 door bright blue system.        

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bright blue: 32 Door Web-Based Access Control System

The bright blue Intelligent Access Management System is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. This web-based access control system gives you the freedom to access, manage and control your facility’s points of entry from anywhere.  

Includes on-board support for 2 readers; supports up to 32 devices total. It’s powerful. It’s affordable. It’s easy to use.                                                                                Download Brochure   Download Brochure 

SMS: Enterprise Security Management System

The Security Management System, or SMS, is perfect for large, multi-site or global organizations. It supports an unlimited number of cardholders and readers and provides unparalleled flexibility. SMS delivers a powerful, single source solution for integrating a facility’s access-control technologies, digital video, and alarm monitoring systems.      

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VVMS: Next Generation Video Management System

The flexibility of Vanderbilt Industries video recording and retrieval solutions allows you to choose from a diverse offering of network video recorders and video software to fit your unique needs and budget. Vanderbilt provides a versatile line of NVRs that support IP, analog or hybrid environments with high resolution cameras. Can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with our access control systems for increased security.                                    

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Readers & Credentials

Our access control systems support most industry standard readers and credentials, including magstripe, proximity and smart technologies. Vanderbilt Industries offers a variety of choices when it comes to choosing your readers and credentials, including our own Vanderbilt-branded line, HID, aptiQ™  and many others.

Power Supplies

Vanderbilt Industries offers a line of proven power supplies designed to support our access control systems. These efficient, linear power supplies come complete with battery charger and power supervision.


From badging cameras and printers, to visitor management license scanners and signature pads, Vanderbilt Industries is your single resource for access control accessories.

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